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Angela Wieland My work is both collaborative and candid, thought out but allowing for spontaneity. I prefer reality to fantasy, and therefore, strive to present people and situations as they are. As a lover of psychology, I am fascinated with how similar most people are, at their core, while being so dramatically different as to life choices and outward appearances. I love to reveal the realness and intimacy within the context of the pose and persona. Of course, composition is key, but ultimately, conveying character and emotion, something that speaks both of the subject and to the viewer, is paramount.

For whatever reason, most people seem to trust and want to open up to me. This is a wonderful gift when it comes to photography. I have been told again and again by my subjects just how comfortable they felt during our shoot, which I take as a great compliment, and which obviously aids in allowing the true nature to come out. The more people feel free to be themselves, the better the photos.

As for my travel work, I think it speaks for itself. I love to learn, and travel allows me a never-ending opportunity. I am intrigued by the similarities and differences found in other cultures and lands.

I also deeply appreciate nature, architecture and art. I use photography as the means to express the painter within me, using my viewfinder to corral and capture the bold lines, contrast, and color upon which I stumble.

In addition to photography, I also enjoy writing. That teamed with my, as I’m told, personable manner, makes me a pretty damn good interviewer. I’m just saying…it’s something to keep in mind.